Stone Aggregates

Patrick Bradley Ltd has been producing quality basalt aggregate for over 70 years. We produce approximately 350,000 tonnes of aggregate annually. Aggregates range in size from 3mm up to large boulders.

Aggregates are tested both in our in-house Laboratory and independently, for grading, shape, PSV (Polished Stone Value), AAV (Aggregate Abrasive Value), LA (Los Angeles) coefficient, Micro-Deval coefficient, and to other appropriate British & European standards. The quality of these aggregates is monitored through our ISO 9001 Quality System.

General Rock Fill Recycled Planings
3mm Crushed Rock Fines 14mm Crusher Run
25mm Crusher Run 40mm Crusher Run
25mm Crusher Run 40mm Crusher Run
6mm Stone 10mm Stone
14mm Stone 20mm Stone
28mm Stone 40mm Stone
50mm Stone 110mm Stone
Building/Concrete Sand Sand & Screenings

Craigall Stone

Decorative stone collection ideal for pathways, driveways & flowerbeds.

Project Portfolio

Our latest projects covering both the residential & commercial industry.