Corkey Road Footway

Project Overview

This scheme included the construction of a new footway spanning over 1km, as well as widening of the existing carriageway and installation of new drainage. The scheme started at the beginning of February and will be fully completed by the middle of June.

The Scope

The footway consisted of a full footway construction including stone sub-base, bitmac base course and asphalt wearing course. The new footway had to cross over a small river; this was achieved by the installation of two, 1.5m wide box culverts situated alongside an existing stone bridge. Each culvert weighed over 13t, therefore had to be lifted in place using a 90t crane. Prior to installation of the box culvert, structural work had to be carried out on the existing stone bridge to ensure the bridge did not collapse during installation. Before carrying out any work we propped the bridge for support. To get the box culvert tight to the stone bridge, one of the pad stones had to be removed. Once removed a concrete foundation and concrete blocks was used to replace the pad stone. Once all prep work was completed the 90t crane lifted the culverts into place.

Drainage consisted of 7 new man holes and approximately 50 new gullies. Most of the drainage was 2-3m in depth; therefore trench boxes were in use.

Widening of the road was from 5m to 6m, this included full road construction.


Transport NI