Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering projects are also part of both our public and private contracts.

We are involved in forms of enabling works which include trenching, drainage, installation of all types of services including water, sewerage, electricity, gas and communications.

We where involved in the new Tesco at Knocknagoney and we are also part of the Advanced Enabling Works for the A26 Dualling: Glarryford to A44 (Drones Road). Patrick Bradley Limited carried out a scheme for the Department of Regional Development Roads Service Consultancy under the Minor Improvements to Roads & Carparks Contract (MIN2) and the Minor Improvements to Roads & Carparks Infill Contract (DAM2). The scope of the work was to erect 14 Kilometres of temporary fencing and carry out site clearance of all hedges, trees, bushes and existing fences/ ditches.

Craigall Stone

Decorative stone collection ideal for pathways, driveways & flowerbeds.

Project Portfolio

Our latest projects covering both the residential & commercial industry.