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Asphalt Binder Analyser

The Company has recently purchased an Asphalt Binder Analyser (ABA) for use in the Materials Testing Laboratory. The ABA is designed to measure the bituminous binder content of hot mix asphalt (HMA) and asphalt concrete (AC) products. Binder content affects asphalt mixture performance in the areas of strength, durability, fatigue life, ravelling, rutting and moisture damage. Hot mix asphalt (HMA) that has too much binder may experience problems such as, reduced skid resistance and reduced resistance to permanent deformation, e.g. rutting. HMA that has too little binder may experience reduced fatigue resistance and problems with stripping. It is therefore very important for Patrick Bradley Limited’s quality control that bituminous binder content of its products is closely monitored.

Up to now the test method used to separate the binder was by means of adding a solvent. The new ABA is designed to measure binder content by loss on ignition which avoids the health, environmental & waste management issues & expense associated with the older solvent extraction methods. The high temperature afterburner of the ABA also minimises the production of noxious waste fumes. Average test times range from 20 minutes for 6 mm aggregates, to 45 minutes for 40mm aggregates (considerably faster than the solvent method).

The new Asphalt Binder Analyser is currently being installed by our electrical contractor and hopefully will be operational in the next few days.


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